Although the games have stopped and the stadiums are empty, football is still helping our country through this difficult time.

In consultation with the Government, the Premier League has announced it is committing £20 million to support the NHS, communities, families and vulnerable groups to help them through the pandemic. This includes a direct financial contribution to the NHS and funds to help local clubs support their communities, including those most in need.

In Southampton, it makes me immensely proud to see the Saints Foundation and Southampton FC working hard to help all of us see this through. Some of the key initiatives both are supporting include:
SFC’s medical staff helping the NHS cope.
Exercise resources being distributed to the elderly.
A prescription delivery service being established for the Southampton area.
One thousand cooked meals a week being distributed to those in need.

It will take some time for life to return to normal, but the actions of the Premier League, SFC and the Saints Foundation prove that everyone can do their bit for their country during its time of need. You can read more about SFC and the Saints Foundation’s campaign at the link below and don’t forget to follow the Saints Foundation on Twitter (@SFC_Foundation) for all the updates on their latest efforts to support our community.