Last night, Labour, the Lib Dems and some Conservative Party MP’s voted to take control of the Order Paper for today. They did this with the help of the Speaker in order to put forward a Bill which will mandate the Prime Minister to seek an extension to Article 50 from the EU. This Bill will allow the EU to dictate how long an extension will be and not the Prime Minister or the Government.

I voted with the Government to stop this, but with the help of some Conservatives, the opposition was successful. These are people who are hell-bent on stopping Brexit. There is nothing wrong with that in principle, but it would be more honourable if they were to say so.

I promised to honour the result of the referendum whatever the result. For my part I have done that, I just wish others had done so too. Today will be a challenging day all round. The EU and indeed, the world will be watching. There are good people on both sides of the argument; however, if they will not compromise and give ground there will be only one way to sort this problem out – a General Election.

Jeremy Corbyn has been calling for an election since 2017. Today he has his chance. He can table a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister. He would surely win now that he will be joined by 20 former Conservative MP’s who demonstrated in word and deed yesterday that they have no confidence in Boris Johnson. Will he do so? I doubt it. Instead, he will keep hanging on trying to thwart the democratic mandate of the majority. Just think what that would mean if he was in Downing Street?