Last week, I updated you on my intention to back the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement, having voted against it twice. I did that because I had concluded it was the least worst option. With the Withdrawal Agreement, we would at least be out of the political structures of the EU, we could control our borders, our money, and our laws.

Most Conservative MPs voted as I did on the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement last week, but not enough to carry it.

Some people accused me of capitulation. Some called me a traitor. Most were understanding. For those who said I had let them down, I pointed to the alternatives, for example, remaining in the EU, a permanent customs union, and a second referendum. All these options have been voted on in Parliament and may well come back again.

Some people said we should leave without a deal on 29th March. As I explained, that option was removed by a vote in Parliament to take leaving without a deal off the table, I voted against it. And as I predicted, we did not leave.

I am determined we will still leave, but I am sorry to report that the terms of leaving will, in all likelihood, be worse than the Withdrawal Agreement. I will continue to work to get the best outcome for you and I will try to keep you updated, but things are now moving very quickly indeed.