For three years I have worked with like-minded colleagues in Parliament to faithfully follow the clear instructions given to us by the majority of the British people. I have voted against the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement twice. I voted against taking No Deal off the table and I voted against extending article 50 and changing our date of departure. However, today I have reluctantly concluded that the best option for the United Kingdom is to support the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement.

Later this evening the House of Commons will be asked to vote on a number of options selected by the Speaker. All of these options, in my opinion, are worse than the Withdrawal Agreement. For those who want to leave without a deal, that option has gone. We will not be leaving on Friday and I am as disappointed about that as anyone. However if the Withdrawal Agreement is not passed we may not leave the European Union at all.

Those like me, who voted to leave, hoped and believed we could leave with a Free Trade Agreement and in doing so could ensure we kept and enhanced our very close friendship with our nearest neighbours. I now know that is not going to happen and when you’re out numbered and outmanoeuvred, sometimes it is better to take what you can rather than dig your heels in and lose everything.

In the event the Prime Minister brings the Withdrawal Agreement back to the House of Commons for a third vote I will, without enthusiasm and with a heavy heart vote for it.