Now the fuss of the Budget has died down we must once again turn our attention to the one thing that will affect every single one of us in one way or another – the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. I have received many letters and emails about what deal we should be pushing for, whether we should leave with no deal and trade on World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules or have another referendum. My position has been clear throughout. The country was given a choice and voted to leave the EU. We must carry out the wishes of the British people and we will.

When the Prime Minister announced her Chequers proposals I had a flurry of correspondence denouncing it. Disagreement is healthy but it soon became clear that many of those who contacted me hadn’t looked at the detail. I have trouble with Chequers myself and I hope we can find a solution that those of us committed to leaving can accept before we vote on the final deal which is potentially coming next month.

To help me decide what to do in the best interests of my constituents I have put together a short survey which can be found on my website, the link to it is below.

I know this will only be a snapshot of peoples views but will be helpful for me in considering the issue.