The works to resurface Bitterne Precinct, which is being undertaken in three sections, is now over half way. We expect to complete all the major works around the end of April (weather permitting).
Area 1:
Work in area 1 is nearing completion. The new surface is down and the imprinting process should be virtually complete in another week. There are a few more things to do, Southern Electric are replacing two electrical junction boxes that were built into the old planters, you might have noticed two odd bits of wall left curiously standing. Southern Electric are aiming to do this in mid March. The second and most dramatic thing is to apply colour to the new surface. This can only be done when the average air temperature is warm enough and we hope this can start in the second half of March. Lastly, there are the new trees to plant. A variety of hardy species are being used that can withstand prolonged dry spells and do not mind salt from gritting in the winter.
Area 2:
Work is well underway in the centre section, drainage and surface water channels have been laid, tree pits are being dug, foundations levelled and a base course of surface laid. The areas of retained block paving will be finished off and the top surface will be laid in one go through the centre before opening it up to the public. Work will then move to surfacing up to the shop fronts. Access to shops will be maintained and work across entrances will be undertaken out of hours. After the base course is laid in front of all the businesses the top surface will be laid overnight. Imprinting of this area will start in mid-March. The majority of work in area 2 is planned for completion by early April. Again colouring the imprinted surface and installing the new trees will happen last.
Area 3:
Work in area 3 will be more straight forward, replacing paving with the imprinted surface up to the shop fronts just past the circular area. The majority of the block paving in this area including the play area will remain unchanged. There will be some work to improve drainage and work is planned for completion around the end of April (weather permitting) with the imprinting and colouring of the new surface.
Please bear with us while we complete this important work, a vital part of addressing the high number of trips and falls. The changes are opening up the precinct and this should help to address some of the reported antisocial behaviour. The improvements will also provide a more durable surface for the markets and events.