Last Thursday, the Prime Minister hosted a reception in Number 10 for the National Spitfire Project. As a trustee of the project – I spoke at the event and highlighted the Trust’s determination to deliver this very fitting tribute to all those who designed, manufactured and of course flew this iconic aircraft.

Comparable to the Statue of Liberty in scale and ambition and soaring out over the water to twice the height of the Angel of the North, the centrepiece of the structure is a one-and-a-half scale replica of a Spitfire, fabricated from stainless steel, with a wingspan of over 16 metres, and mounted atop a curving, 40-meter mast, resembling a vapour trail.

The monument will stand in Mayflower Park on Southampton’s waterfront. It will be visible for miles and will be the first thing that greets Southampton’s 2m cruise passengers and the 1m who arrive and depart from Southampton airport.

The National Spitfire Project’s campaign is well underway and supported by the Government and Southampton City Council. The Project is working on its final push to secure the remaining funds that will help complete this fantastic project.

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