This morning, in a landmark ruling, Lord Chief Justice Thomas said Mrs May did not have the right to set in motion Article 50, the official start of the two-year EU divorce proceedings, without consulting Parliament.

I am pleased the Government will appeal this morning’s ruling and I think they should. A majority of the British public voted to leave the EU and we have a duty to carry out their wishes. The former Prime Minister, David Cameron said if the country voted to leave the European Union he would trigger Article 50 immediately. In the event he resigned before doing so. There was no doubt what voting to leave the EU meant. This Court Ruling will not prevent the UK leaving but it may delay the process.

The Government’s appeal is likely to be heard in December by Britain’s 12 Justices of the Supreme Court. If the High Court decision is upheld at this point, I assume we will have a vote in Parliament before the Prime Minister officially triggers Article 50. I would expect every MP to vote to endorse the historic decision taken by the British People on June 23rd. Only a Member of Parliament who holds the electorate in complete contempt would even consider voting against triggering Article 50.