Tomorrow we will be given our first opportunity, in over 40 years, to endorse or otherwise our membership of the European Union.

There have been many debates over the last few weeks and the arguments have all been covered. I have been very disappointed by the tone of the debate. This is about our relationship with the EU not about leadership ambitions or political careers.

For me the decision is simple. I am a democrat. I am the Member of Parliament that along with my colleagues couldn’t even remove VAT from sanitary products.

When we joined the EEC, it was not a political and monetary union. It is now.

Most people don’t know how many commissioners there are in the EU. Even fewer can name any of them, not even our own.

These unelected bureaucrats are responsible for proposing EU legislation. Legislation which impacts on every one of us.

The House of Commons Library says up to 60% of our laws come from the EU. The Prime Minister in response to that claim said, “Only 13,14 or 15% come from that direction (the EU).” I think it should be none.

When will the Prime Minister of this country (whoever he or she may be) think too many of our laws are made in the EU? And when that time comes what can we do about it?

David Cameron has kept his word and given us a referendum. I am going to take the opportunity to vote to leave and take back control of our country.