Working Together

If chosen by you as your next MP your concerns will be my priority…  I want to involve local residents in parliamentary votes by holding local referendums whenever possible to ensure that when I vote in the House of Commons I am truly representing my constituents’ views, whatever their political persuasion. For this reason, I believe it is imperative to consult voters frequently and I invite you to contact me with any of your concerns.

Jobs and Economic Prosperity

As Southampton’s Member of Parliament, my first priority will be to continue to create employment opportunities for all its residents. No one will reach their full potential without the chance to do so and the government must help create those chances. Whether it be through education, skills training or work experience, by working with local business, universities and schools and/or other support organisations we can provide opportunities that will enable our residents to find the job they want – this will help prevent the loss of valued skills in the city and enable our local economy to grow.

Royston Smth pictured with planning minister Nick Boles