I have talked to literally thousands of my constituents over the last few months. Some are very angry, some ambivalent. Some want the Prime Minister to go others want him to stay. I have watched MPs in Westminster agitate to get rid of the Prime Minister since he was first elected. Some feel overlooked and others were sacked. That is the nature of politics and indeed life. We should not try to pretend that this situation is any different to a thousand political situations in the past.

Some people have never reconciled themselves to our election victory in 2019. In that election I secured over 50 percent of the vote for the first time. I’m not naive enough to think that it was all me. My constituents didn’t suddenly realise what they had been missing and say, “Let’s give Royston a bigger majority this time”, the majority of those votes were for Boris Johnson, and I believe a majority of them still want him to continue.

The question I put to those trying to get rid of the PM is this: If not Boris who? And if the next one isn’t your cup of tea either, do you start the whole thing all over again? The next General Election is the time to choose who leads our country, not now.

Last night the Prime Minister secured the support of 60% of the parliamentary party, that is more than he secured in 2019 to become party leader and Prime Minister. We have had the vote; Boris Johnson remains the Prime Minister and I am going to get on with ensuring I do the very best I can for my constituents.