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Royston Supports Ocean Sky Rescue Campaign

I am supporting the Sky Ocean Rescue campaign to reduce single-use plastic consumption and switch to reusable alternatives.

Did you know micro-plastics have been found inside a third of all fish in the English Channel, and that by 2050 it has been predicted that the plastic in the oceans could weigh more than all the marine life combined.

You can help reduce single use plastic consumption by making some really simple changes such as use a bag for life, buy loose fruit and veg or drink out of a refillable water bottle.

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  1. Janet Malt 19th February 2018 at 11:22 pm - Reply

    Please continue to fight hard to encourage the elimination of plastic waste. I am horrified at the amount of plastic (which I recently discovered cannot go in my recycling bin??!?) that I bring home weekly with my family food shop. Huge, excessively large, plastic trays to hold meat, fruit, cheese, practically everything. I am tempted to find local smaller farm shops Or similar that might (hopefully) wrap my purchase in paper instead. It’s most depressing and any pressure we can bring to bear will, I’m sure, help.

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