Last night I voted with the Government to support the Internal Market Bill. The vote attracted a lot of interest so I thought it would be helpful to explain my personal position.

There have been claims that the Bill would likely result in the Government breaking international law. The House of Commons is packed with dozens of lawyers. I have listened and spoken to many of them – including the Attorney General, Justice Secretary and Solicitor General to hear their opinions. I listened carefully to the debate yesterday and heard the alternative views. Carefully considering both sides of the argument I don’t believe that the legislation materially undermines our obligations under international law.

I was elected on a platform to get us out of the European Union. This is a promise which has been delivered. I feel I now have a responsibility to ensure that leaving the European Union does not result in any unacceptable compromises which could threaten the integrity of the United Kingdom. To me that is much more important that arguments about a legal technicality which lawyers can argue both ways.