Here are some of my recent diary events.

Home Education Day in Parliament


Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a group of Southampton constituents who took part in the first Home Education Day in Parliament. After a tour of Parliament, I had the opportunity to answer some of their questions and also make a tangible link between Southampton and the day to day work of UK Parliament.

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Southampton Itchen's Cutest Pet Competition


It was a real pleasure to meet Marina, Aimee and Natalie when they brought Woody to collect his prize for being the cutest pet in Southampton Itchen. Woody is a delightful little Labrador and he lives with his lovely family in Thornhill. I hope Marina and her husband enjoy the House of Commons Champagne and [...]

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Southampton Children's Play Association


It was a pleasure to visit the Southampton Children's Play Association (SCPA) Harefield play scheme yesterday. SCPA do a fantastic job and it's great to see the children having such a good time. Lovely to see Anna who has worked so hard organising the scheme this summer. Well done to all involved!

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