Sholing Technology College Update


Yesterday afternoon I met with the Head Teacher of The Sholing Technology College Martin Brown, and the Deputy Head Teacher Suzanne Ashley. We discussed the Ofsted report in detail and the actions being taken by the school to take them out of special measures.Martin Brown made it clear that he is completely open with parents [...]

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Statement on Sholing Technology College


Many of you will know of the situation at The Sholing Technology College with their recent unsatisfactory Ofsted Report. I have arranged a meeting with the Head Teacher for tomorrow at 3.30 and will be seeking assurances on behalf of parents that the safety and education of the pupils is of the highest priority.The governing [...]

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A week used to be a long time in politics


It is frequently said that a week is a long time in politics, but this week has surpassed all expectations.On Thursday last week, voters in the United Kingdom sent shock waves around the world when they voted in a referendum for Britain to leave the European Union. Nearly half the country are disappointed, indeed many [...]

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Post-Brexit Calm


The EU referendum was fiercely contested and some (nearly half) are not happy with the result. However, the debate and the vote cannot be allowed to be used as an excuse for abusive, intolerant and racist behaviour.This country welcomes immigrants, I welcome immigrants that come here to work, contribute and improve their lives and enrich [...]

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The Future.


I have spent 20 years campaigning for a referendum on our relationship with the European Union. David Cameron was the only politician brave enough to give the voters that referendum.There was a long and robust debate. I made my position clear and the reasons why I feel we can and will thrive outside the overbearing, [...]

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Why I am voting leave tomorrow


Tomorrow we will be given our first opportunity, in over 40 years, to endorse or otherwise our membership of the European Union. There have been many debates over the last few weeks and the arguments have all been covered. I have been very disappointed by the tone of the debate. This is about our relationship [...]

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A conversation with Royston Smith


Thank you to all those local residents who gave up their Saturday evening to join my discussion on Brexit and other issues.I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and appreciated all the comments from the floor.Although this was not a debate or part of the referendum campaign, on balance the audience was in favour of taking back [...]

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Voting to Leave the EU Is the Only Way to Regain Our Sovereignty and Democracy


Royston has co-signed a letter with parliamentary colleagues arguing that the only way for Britain to restore sovereignty and democracy is to leave the EU. Entering Parliament for the first time as an MP can be incredibly affecting. The pomp, the procedures and even the Palace of Westminster itself are steeped in history; reminders are everywhere [...]

Voting to Leave the EU Is the Only Way to Regain Our Sovereignty and Democracy2016-06-15T16:16:50+00:00

A Conversation about the EU Referendum


In less than two weeks, we will be asked to make the most important political decision in a generation. The referendum on our membership of the European Union is even more important than a general election, because this question won't be asked again if we get it wrong. For that reason I think it is [...]

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