Motor Neurone Disease


Motor neurone disease affects the lives of many people and their families across Southampton. Sadly we still don't know enough about the disease and the best way to treat this. The MND Association work tirelessly to support those with motor neurone disease and campaign for more research into this. I was delighted to join my [...]

Motor Neurone Disease2022-01-12T11:12:22+00:00

National Postal Workers Day


Postal workers keep the country connected, ensuring that vital communications reach their destination safely week in and week out. Today, marks postal workers day and gives us the chance to say thank you. Whether its letters, Christmas cards or parcels and gifts, they deliver these carefully and go above and beyond to show why post [...]

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Support for Southampton’s Arts, Culture and Creative Industries


The vibrant and diverse arts and cultural sector in Southampton makes our city so unique and a such a great place to live. Sadly, a lot of the cultural sector has been hit hard over the last 18 months with restrictions effecting creative events, the arts and venues which would normally be welcoming many visitors. [...]

Support for Southampton’s Arts, Culture and Creative Industries2021-09-10T12:37:59+00:00

PoliticsHome: Building Safety Bill must not leave behind leaseholders saddled with ruinous remediation costs.


This week I had an article published on PoliticsHome. During the passage of the Fire Safety Bill, Ministers said the issue of leaseholders would be addressed in the Building Safety Bill. We will hold them to their word and remind them that protection must be for all leaseholders, not just for the leaseholders of the future. [...]

PoliticsHome: Building Safety Bill must not leave behind leaseholders saddled with ruinous remediation costs.2021-06-25T11:15:15+00:00

Citizens Advice Scam Awareness Week


Scams and fraud are a massive issue and these crimes can happen to anyone. We can all play our part in spreading awareness and look out for potential scams. As a result of coronavirus, many people are facing issues with employment, debt, housing and health, and scammers are exploiting people during this particularly difficult time. [...]

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Volunteers’ Week 1-7 June 2021


The 1st June marks the first day of the 37th annual Volunteers’ Week. This takes place during the UK’s Month of Community and is a celebration of the contribution and dedication of millions of volunteers who give up their time to help and improve other peoples lives. Volunteers are always at the centre of every [...]

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17th May 2021 – Relaxation of Restrictions


I am delighted that the next stage of the Government’s roadmap plan has arrived. The success of the UK vaccine rollout, fall in cases and close monitoring of new variants has allowed the Government to unlock and reduce the number of coronavirus restrictions on our lives. Today’s relaxation of the rules will introduce indoor activities, [...]

17th May 2021 – Relaxation of Restrictions2021-05-17T10:22:53+00:00

Launch of Pet Theft Taskforce


Many constituents have been in contact with me recently concerned with the significant rise in pet theft over the last year. I am delighted to hear that on Saturday the Government launched the Pet Theft Taskforce to investigate the rise in pet theft since the beginning of lockdown. The taskforce will be chaired by the [...]

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