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I haven’t seen the full detail of what was agreed in Chequers but Davis Davis and Steve Baker have and felt they couldn’t support it. I will reserve judgement until I’m fully briefed but I will not renege on the referendum result no matter who is in government

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  1. ray young 13th August 2018 at 10:40 am - Reply

    The Government have known for years that a referendum was going to happen so why was it not sorted out before the vote took place.
    they surely must of arranged a contingency plan had the vote to leave went the way it did . leaving this to the last minute was very bad planning.
    I am very surprised that no one sat down and said this is the plan if we vote out years before. As for a 2nd referendum are these people deluded.
    do you get a 2nd chance at the General Election NO!! so stop wining and accept it

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