Southampton City Council has been awarded over £900,000 by the Government to help stop children going hungry this winter. This money from the Government will help families who need a bit of extra support to put food on the table not just during school holidays but across the whole winter.

This additional funding builds on the £63 million which has already been provided to councils nationally to assist those who are finding it difficult to pay for food and essentials. Also a further £220 million will be invested in extending the Holiday and Food Programme until next Christmas. This means that all children eligible for Free School Meals will have the option to join a holiday-time programme that provides healthy food and activities during the Easter, summer and Christmas holidays next year. 

No child should ever go hungry and I know this extra funding for Southampton will be a huge help for families in the city. The Government has invested more than £200 billion in total to protect people’s jobs, incomes, supporting businesses as well as strengthening the welfare safety net this year.

I didn’t support the motion in Parliament for food vouchers because they are not targeted enough to the most vulnerable children and families. This funding is far more generous and will get to those who need it the most.