I would like to thank my constituents for re-electing me to serve as the Member of Parliament for Southampton Itchen

My campaign was simple. Get Brexit done and move onto the other important issues which, in my opinion, have not received the attention they deserve.

The general election returned 109 new Conservative MP’s from all corners of the United Kingdom, bringing the total to 365 and a majority of 80. The country now has certainty. People and businesses can plan and invest knowing there will be no further elections or referendums in the next four to five years.

We will begin legislating to leave the EU this week and we will leave by the end of January. We will negotiate a trade deal through next year and complete that negotiation by December 2020.

We will put 20,000 more police officers onto our streets. We will invest £34 billion more into our NHS, the biggest cash uplift ever. We will increase funding to every school in Southampton. We will invest more in infrastructure to improve employment opportunities and grow our economy. We will cut taxes again for those on the lowest incomes.

People were losing faith in our parliamentary democracy; this election will restore that faith and show that voting really does make a difference.

In my next term in parliament I will put the interests of Southampton first in everything I do. I will continue to lobby for our schools and colleges, I will campaign for our fair share of investment. I will redouble my efforts to bring a fitting memorial to the iconic Spitfire. I will never waste an opportunity to put Southampton on the map. We have five years of a majority Conservative Government and I am not going to waste the opportunity that will bring.