Why a Second Referendum is dangerous for our parliamentary democracy


In 1997, like many others, I was not happy that Tony Blair became Prime Minister. But I did not start campaigning for a so-called ‘people’s vote’. We had another vote in the 2001 general election and again in 2005. Both times my side lost but still, I didn’t call for a ‘people’s vote’. In June [...]

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Royston attends debate for 100 years of the Royal Air Force


Yesterday, during a debate to celebrate 100 years of the Royal Air Force, I asked the Defence Secretary to support our plans for a lasting memorial to the iconic Spitfire in its home town of Southampton. While we find ourselves absorbed by Brexit it does us no harm to remember that the freedom we have [...]

Royston attends debate for 100 years of the Royal Air Force2018-11-27T13:34:40+00:00

Royston welcomes his 1000th visitor


It was a pleasure to welcome our 1000th visitor to Parliament recently. David and Jane Goyder were given a tour of the House of Commons, Lords, the Royal Gallery and Westminster Hall before watching Prime Minister’s Questions from the gallery. I presented them with a bottle of House of Commons Champagne to mark the occasion. [...]

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Adult and Children’s Social Care


Southampton will receive £3,004,587 in additional funding for adult and children's social care this winter thanks to the recent Budget. This funding will help local councils to ensure that adult social care pressures do not create additional demand on the NHS and to improve their social care offer for older people, people with disabilities and [...]

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Royston Smith MP statement on draft EU Withdrawal Agreement


The EU Withdrawal Agreement announced by the Prime Minister yesterday will go before Parliament in the coming weeks. Having read and analysed the document, I have concluded that I cannot in all good conscience support the proposed agreement in its current form. Whilst significant progress has been made on many of the key issues, I [...]

Royston Smith MP statement on draft EU Withdrawal Agreement2018-11-15T13:05:29+00:00

Our departure from the European Union


Now the fuss of the Budget has died down we must once again turn our attention to the one thing that will affect every single one of us in one way or another – the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union. I have received many letters and emails about what deal we should be [...]

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Mount Pleasant Level Crossing


It is disappointing to hear of yet another incident on the Mount Pleasant level crossing with someone foolishly placing themselves and many other people in danger. We all recognise the inconvenience of being stopped at this crossing, although people should not need to be reminded of the risks of ignoring the warnings here. With the [...]

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