On Monday a man lost his life while out cycling. When I was contacted by the Daily Echo I paid tribute to Mr Morris and extended by sincere sympathies to his family. After yesterday’s Echo article I was trolled on Twitter and Facebook by cyclists who suggest I had blamed the cyclist for the accident. I did no such thing. I merely said that I wanted cyclists to be safe and a way to help would be to choose the safest route possible.

Last night I did a follow-up with the Daily Echo on the back of Wednesday’s article. I expressed by disappointment that my condolences to the family were not included in the article. I therefore want to express my sympathies and condolences again to Mr Morris’s family in this difficult time.

As for the issue of cyclists and road safety, I will not resile from my opinion. Our roads are dangerous. They are dangerous for drivers, pedestrians and yes, for cyclists. If my comments about cycling safety have offended some cyclists there is little I can do about that, but conflating the lack of cycle provision with any of my comments about keeping safe does nothing to further the cause.