Marwell Zoo


I am pleased to confirm that the popular rail bus link between Southampton- Eastleigh Station and Marwell Zoo will be returning for 2017. The M1 bus service will operate from 8th April to 4th September and will be operated by First Bus. It will provide links from Southampton City Centre and Southampton Airport Parkway railway [...]

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Out of control Executive Pay


While Southampton's Labour Council are putting libraries and swimming pools at risk and cutting bin collections to fortnightly they have increased those earning over £100,000 per year by nearly 40%. Most other councils have cut the number of high earners but Labour controlled Southampton are one of the few local authorities to have increased them. [...]

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Southampton Health Roadshow


Southampton NHS have recently launched a health roadshow and are inviting local people to join them as they travel across the city. This is an opportunity to meet local health professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and hospital consultants, in order to ask any questions you have about managing health and the local health service. The [...]

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