I recently joined stroke survivors in calling for a new national stroke strategy for England.
In my constituency of Southampton Itchen there are 1,791 stroke survivors living with the devastating impact of stroke.
The charity’s latest campaign, A New Era for Stroke, urges the Government to commit to a new national stroke strategy. The National Stroke Strategy for England was introduced to improve standards in treatment and support for people affected by stroke, and is due to end in 2017. A recent Stroke Association survey found that, in the South East, 50% of stroke survivors felt abandoned when they left hospital. The charity is warning that stroke survivors’ recovery will continue to be put at serious risk unless the Government commits to a new strategy.
Strokes are a devastating condition that can affect anyone at any time. Stroke patients deserve the best possible treatment and support in hospital and when they return home to continue their recovery. No stroke survivor should ever feel abandoned. That’s why I’m supporting the Stroke Association’s call for a new national stroke strategy in England.
To find out more about the Stroke Association’s A New Era for Stroke campaign click here