Many of you will know of the situation at The Sholing Technology College with their recent unsatisfactory Ofsted Report. I have arranged a meeting with the Head Teacher for tomorrow at 3.30 and will be seeking assurances on behalf of parents that the safety and education of the pupils is of the highest priority.

The governing body and the head teacher are challenging the Ofsted report. This gives me little comfort. I have been contacted by parents who are rightly very worried that their concerns are not being addressed properly.

There have been calls for the headteacher, his senior staff and the governing body to be removed. I understand this approach but I simply cannot endorse it until I have had the chance to talk to Mr Brown and representatives from the Local Education Authority.

It is essential that pupils’ needs are put front and centre moving forward.

The school has arranged meetings for parents of children at the school on Tuesday 19th July at 5.30pm for Years 7, 8 and 9, and at 7pm for Year 10. If you would like to attend please email the school at The meeting will cover future plans and will allow questions to be answered.

I have asked the Government if I can be released from my duties and voting on Tuesday in Parliament but currently permission has not been forthcoming. I will have someone representing me (and therefore parents) at both meetings if my Westminster duties prevent me from attending. Please find below links to the letter inviting parents to the meeting and also a letter to parents from the Head of Children’s Services at Southampton City Council.…/Letter%20regarding%20Parental……/Letter%20to%20Parents%20from%…

I understand there is a TSTC Facebook page but as I am unable to see the content I cannot respond. Therefore, if you would like me to represent your views in my meeting tomorrow, it would be helpful if you would email me