Royston Backs House Building in Southampton


While increases in house prices indicate a growing economy it also highlights an underlying problem in supply. The less of anything you have the more valuable it becomes.The Labour Council in Southampton promised to build an affordable house for every day they are in office. They have been in charge for four years and by [...]

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Southampton Conservatives Run Half Marathon


Congratulations to Conservative Councillors David Fuller, Alex Houghton, Jeremy Moulton, Edward Daunt and Conservative election candidate Marley Guthrie on completing the Southampton Half Marathon yesterday. Excellent effort!Photographer - Mr John Clarke.

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Driverless Cars – The Future?


I have asked the Department for Transport a series of written questions about the potential for driverless cars to improve road safety, energy efficiency and to reduce traffic management concerns.As the technology becomes more readily available the potential improvements to journey time, road safety and energy efficency from driverless cars is huge. I am glad [...]

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Royston Campaigns for 20mph Speed Limits in Parliament


The Department of Transport have responded to my petition calling on Southampton City Council to introduce 20mph limits where residents want them. It is a shame the Leader of the Council hasn't responded to my letter to him of 22nd March about improving road safety by lowering speed limits outside schools and in residential areas [...]

Royston Campaigns for 20mph Speed Limits in Parliament2020-08-26T13:34:41+00:00
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