Would You Like a 20 mph Speed Limit in Your Road?


Last year I started campaigning on behalf of residents to persuade the council to introduce 20mph limits in roads where local residents would like them. Having received a refusal from the council, despite the success of 20mph limits in other cities, I decided to present a petition to the House of Commons calling on the [...]

Would You Like a 20 mph Speed Limit in Your Road?2016-01-26T17:55:13+00:00

Southampton’s Military Veterans Breakfast Club


On Friday I spent the morning with the country's future at St Monic's Primary School, on Saturday I was equally honoured to spend the morning with a lively group of men and women who have already served our country with distinction. The Veteran's Breakfast Club in Southampton is celebrating its first anniversary. It meets every [...]

Southampton’s Military Veterans Breakfast Club2016-01-18T20:44:23+00:00

It’s Time to Make the Case for an EU Withdrawal


"I have spent my entire political life campaigning for a referendum on our relationship with the EU which is why I was thrilled when David Cameron committed to give the public a say. I supported The Prime Minister's efforts to secure a new, more flexible arrangement with the EU but it is now obvious we [...]

It’s Time to Make the Case for an EU Withdrawal2016-01-07T22:56:32+00:00
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