Parliament Votes to Support Allies Against Daesh


Today, Parliament overwhelmingly voted to support its fellow Western allies, France and the United States, in the campaign against Daesh. I voted in support of air strikes this evening because I believe it is essential that we degrade ISIL’s ability to plan and direct terrorist attacks on UK citizens. It is crucial that the RAF [...]

Parliament Votes to Support Allies Against Daesh2015-12-02T22:35:28+00:00

Military Action in Syria


Over 100 people have contacted me by email over the last few days regarding the government’s proposal to extend and expand British airstrikes from Northern Iraq across the border to Syria. The most important thing to remember is this is an expanded operation not a new one. We have been carrying out airstrikes in Northern [...]

Military Action in Syria2015-12-01T22:13:09+00:00
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