VAT on Sanitary Products


I have received some emails and Twitter messages about the vote in Parliament this week regarding sanitary products. For the record I think VAT charged at 5% on sanitary products is a disgrace. However, those that have sent generic emails and some unpleasant messages have done so because they have not been provided with all [...]

VAT on Sanitary Products2015-10-29T13:02:05+00:00

Another Excellent Event at Cobbett Road Library


I had the great pleasure to attend the Cobbett Road Library's Alice in Wonderland event this morning. This local library is under threat despite only needing £52,000 per year to keep it open. While I understand the need to save money I will never understand why the Labour Council spent £96,000 early this year putting [...]

Another Excellent Event at Cobbett Road Library2015-10-24T13:21:49+00:00

Tax Credits


The Government’s policy on reforming the system of Working Tax Credits (WTC) has featured heavily in the news this week and been the focus of heated exchanges in the Commons. Many of my constituents have taken the trouble to contact me voicing their views and concerns regarding the impacts of these changes. I would again [...]

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