Bitterne Walk-in Service Axed


This afternoon I attended the board meeting of the Southampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and with the permission of the board I addressed the meeting. In my address I talked of the need to keep the Bitterne Walk-In Centre open, particularly as this is the only service of its type on our side of the [...]

Bitterne Walk-in Service Axed2015-09-30T17:14:45+00:00

Why I voted against the Assisted Dying Bill


I have been overwhelmed by the response from constituents regarding this important and very emotive issue. My consultation was an unprecedented exercise carried out by a Member of Parliament and I am pleased that so many people used this opportunity to start a conversation with me. I received around 2000 responses and I would like [...]

Why I voted against the Assisted Dying Bill2015-09-12T10:08:10+00:00

Economic migrants and refugees are not the same.


In the UK we have an incredibly proud history of rescuing refugees (such as those who work valiantly alongside British troops in Afghanistan and Iraq as interpreters) and those fleeing persecution from war torn countries. At present we are engaging in an act of firefighting and we need to have a clear strategic plan that [...]

Economic migrants and refugees are not the same.2015-09-03T16:23:47+00:00
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