At the heart of Southampton


I am proud to have been elected as the Member of Parliament for the Southampton Itchen Constituency.

As someone who has lived here all of my life, I know and understand the area intimately and will fight for the issues that matter most to you; your concerns are my concerns. I want to make Southampton and its residents safer, more prosperous and to make our city one of which we can all be proud.

Thank you for your support

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The Assisted Dying Bill

On the 11th September, a bill will come to the House of Commons which will seek to introduce Assisted Dying and as your MP it is my intention to attend and vote on this issue. The bill would enable competent adults who are terminally ill to choose to be provided with medically supervised assistance to […]
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Campaign to bring Aston Martin to Southampton

Southampton has excellent transport links, the infrastructure to build a factory and skills in motor manufacturing that have been established over generations. Why would Aston Martin not consider Southampton as a potential location for a new manufacturing facility? You can read about the campaign here
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The Bitterne Walk-in Centre

The Bitterne Walk-in Centre was opened in 2003 and since then has served the East of the city and the constituents I represent very well. In 2011, after a consultation, the operating hours were reduced as a compromise, following a cross party campaign to keep this much loved and much used facility open. Last year […]
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Maiden Speech

I was honoured to make my Maiden Speech in the House of Commons yesterday. I used the opportunity to pay tribute to John Denham who served Southampton with distinction for over 30 years, 23 of which as our MP. I highlighted the challenges Southampton faces and how those challenges have frequently been overlooked by successive […]
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Amendment to the Hunting Act

I appreciate the strong feelings many people have on this issue and I share your concern for safeguarding the welfare of animals. This is why I have always said that I would vote against a repeal of the Hunting Act. On 15 July, the Government will give the House of Commons the opportunity to make […]
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